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is a social card game that brings conversation about climate change into your next party.

The game is simple, take turns to answer quiz questions or complete challenges to lower your CO2 impacts.

Drinking is optional but encouraged

Probably no conflict, no shaming, no climate science knowledge needed.

Let's play a game

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Junyi: Climate Change

Learning about climate change = changing mindset, and games are the best tool for that!

It’s fun, it's relevant, Why not?

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That’s what HE/SHE/THEY Said


The action cards makes you take action you on the spot. It's a nice way to get started in sustainable actions.



Climate Consultant

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Content Manager 

It might seem trivial for people who are used to talking about climate topics, but if I imagine playing this game with kids or people who rarely address these issues, it can be a very nice, fun, and easy step to start up that conversation.





Favourite part of the game was the cards that put a new spin on classic drinking ‘mini games’ and gave them a climate flavour. It was nice story telling





This game can be played with friends, family and strangers. It can be a great ice breaker at a party or a chance to know your friends better while getting tipsy, or to see which of your family members is the most native about climate change!




Brand Designer

It makes a heavy topic very cute and easy to digest. It’s a space where no judgement is presented, so I feel comfortable to learn important issues with my friends together.



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