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「Probably」The Most Responsible Friday Bar Activity Offer In Copenhagen

We are designing “Probably the most responsible drinking game in the world” to normalize the conversation around climate and sustainability in social scenarios and we are looking for test play partners!

Are you a small&medium size company based in Copenhagen?

Are you seeking fun and meaningful activities to do for your next Friday Bar?

Do you want to be the first one to try a new game?

Sneak peek

  • We can host max 50 players

  • The game takes 40mins - 1hour to play

  • A conversation starter on climate change and sustainability topics

  • A fun experience to learn & bond among colleagues

  • It’s free!

We hope to launch the game to the market this winter, therefore we hope we can

Observe during the games

  • Get feedback on the play experience

  • Kick off an ongoing conversation

Book your next Friday Bar activity with us

+45 91640136


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