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The Most Responsible

Party Game
In The World

The name says it all, it is a party game that is all about being sustainable and having fun!

We are launching 

Crowdfunding coming soon
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You should play it
and this is why

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We all know we are in a time of climate crisis,

but we don’t talk about it as much as we should.

Why don't we?

Probably because it is a depressing topic, it makes us feel helpless or maybe we just do not know enough about it! 

We hope with our game you will ​​​

Get to know how sustainable you know or don’t know your friends truly are!

Get to know fun facts about the most important topic of the century 

Get to talk about the necessary topics about sustainability and climate without anyone becoming depressed.

You will be tipsy, hopefully! 

​​​​The idea of this game started when we were prototyping for a more serious learning game for sustainability aka having some drinks with friends and asking them to test out our game!


how to play?

The game cards includes

Quiz questions         Never Have I Ever​
We Dare You             Mini Games



3 - 9 people to play
(2-3 people per team will be ideal)
40 mins to 1 hour to play
Some shots in the middle
Many booze for everyone

You will need

Timeline &

What's next

Our plan to deliver " Probably The Most responsible drinking game in the world"
Game in making
Playing & Testing
Crowdfunding Starts
Jul - Aug 2021
Jul - Aug 2021
Jan 2022
Our future plan to improve climate communication
Educate & Simulate
Inspire Action
2021 Oct Digital game design starts

2022 Jan Digital game development starts


"We realized how casual the conversation went, and we loved the positive energy and discussion from it.

So, we decided to make a drinking game out of it first before we develop anything bigger!


Co - founders Junyi & Matteo

Cuiz Game Design

Hostrups Have 13
Frederiksberg 1953

CVR: 42254495

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